Starter Balloon Decoration
PRICE: 1,800 1500 INR

Basic Package – Balloon Decoration
PRICE: 1,300 1100 INR

Special 200 Balloon Decoration
PRICE: 1,400 1,200 INR

1st Birthday Balloon Decoration
PRICE: 1,600 1,400 INR

Regular Package – Balloon Decoration
PRICE: 1,700 1,500 INR

Heart Shaped Balloons Decoration
PRICE: 1,700 1500 INR

Surprise Decoration
PRICE: 1,800 1,600 INR

Polka Dot Balloon Decoration
PRICE: 1,700 1,600 INR

Hotel Decoration
PRICE: 2,000 1800 INR

Baby Welcome Decoration
PRICE: 2,100 1,900 INR

Half Arch Decoration
PRICE: 2,400 2,000 INR

Gold Package– Balloon Decoration
PRICE: 2200 2,000 INR

Anniversary Surprise Decoration 
PRICE: 2200 2,000 INR

Home Decoration Theme
PRICE: 3,800 3,600 INR

Romantic Valentines Day Balloon Decoration
PRICE: 2,500 2,300 INR

Diamond Package- Balloon Decoration
PRICE: 2,900 2,700 INR

Black Diamond
PRICE: 3600 3,400 INR

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DKG Party Events is the medium we use to provide our service, we have been in the market shore of balloons for offering decoration service for a long time now in Delhi NCR. We offer our best service to clients to make sure their occasion becomes memorable and meaningful. Long time back we started providing our service with just a few clients on regular basis, with our best efforts we successfully made their needs complete and made them happy by our service. Later on, with those few happy clients, we started getting the reference from those client few new clients and likely this way we made our prestige in the market very enormously, by never compromising the quality of service

Always tried our best to make the customer’s occasion memorable for as long as they look back in past and think of that occasion, due to our hard work today we are running a successful business of providing the range of balloon decoration services for many occasions.

We are also popular for providing top-notch Anniversary and Birthday room decoration in Delhi. Recently we organized some lavish anniversary room decoration in Delhi. And, we are pleased to share that our customers were fully satisfied with our work and have given us good reviews online as well. They loved the decoration and the beautiful decorative items we used for the same. Our work was simple yet elegant. At the same time, we finished our work before time without creating any inconvenience to our customers and their guests. READ MORE

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